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Vancouver Kitchen Renovation Before & After

If you've ever lived in a Vancouver condo before, a small congested kitchen with poor lighting and pale walls may hardly sound like a surprise. Builder-grade homes often come with wooden cabinets that tone down the room's brightness and cut off the walls because they rarely rise to the ceiling. 

Vancouver kitchen renovation before
Kitchen Renovation in Vancouver | Before the Project | Oasis Custom Kitchens

Such was the predicament of Lucas and Ellen, who decided it was time for a facelift after finding a condominium ticking the right boxes, but not all. The couple wanted an affordable but high-quality modern kitchen design with better functionality within the limited space. But, more importantly, the couple wanted a customized kitchen where they could spend time and create memories. 

"It was difficult to spend quality time when preparing our meals, "confesses Lucas. "We were either bumping into each other or fighting over counter space."

At first, Lucas and Ellen discussed the project and checked out IKEA's and Lowe's kitchen planners, but found it challenging to navigate and visualize their dream kitchen. Fortunately, the couple found the Oasis online Kitchen Planner, which simplified their design process.

After a few clicks, Lucas and Ellen had established that they wanted to optimize their L-shaped kitchen using the Canvas Collection. "The clean and minimalistic appearance immediately captured me," says Ellen. 

Both homeowners wanted more storage space, optimal appliance placement, and increased countertop space for the whole family. They also wanted better lighting in the kitchen for a brighter space. 

With the assistance of an Oasis kitchen designer, Lucas and Ellen found themselves looking at their new kitchen in 3-D. "The professionals advised us while noting out desires and space limitations. We also found it easy to work with measurements, images and instant live pricing on our screen," says Lucas. "We love that while we received suggestions, we participated in the design process."

Lucas After Kitchen
Kitchen Renovation in Vancouver | After the Project | Oasis Custom Kitchens

The Process

"First, the Oasis Kitchen designer informed us that we needed consent from our Strata and a permit from the city of Vancouver," Lucas says. According to the law, homeowners need a permit when moving or installing new walls and common assets.

Once Lucas and Ellen secured the permits, it was time to gut the kitchen. The Oasis Designer, Rachel, recommended kicking down the walls by the entrance and the back of the peninsula. In addition, Oasis Kitchens connected them with a suitable Vancouver contractor for the kitchen demolition. "It's now easier to watch the kiddos from the kitchen without the walls," Ellen says. 

Without the walls, the kitchen space is now accessible from the dining area. The counter also looks more inviting and less crowded. The space can be used as a kitchen counter, eating area, and work bar.

Vancouver Condo Kitchen Renovation | Happy Family | Oasis Custom Kitchens

Since the renovation was keen on expanding storage space, the Oasis team added chalk door cabinets, with doors flowing to the ceiling on the wall perpendicular to the peninsula. These Vancouver kitchen cabinets spread from the second into the third wall, stopping right before the modern refrigerator. The matte finish also has anti-fingerprint technology, making it easy to clean up messes. 

"I knew I wanted a smooth top stove that has the latest features and a modern and timeless appearance to match my custom kitchen design. The oven is a few steps from the refrigerator but on the second wall under the cabinets. Rachel, the Oasis kitchen designer, placed the sink on the peninsula to retain the triangle between the fridge, oven, and sink. In addition, the designers added a brass pull-down faucet to reduce splash and decorate the white-toned kitchen. 

Calcutta Blanc Countertop Kitchen | Oasis Custom Kitchens

The white and bright surfaces in the kitchen improved the natural lighting in the space, making it easier to prepare meals without artificial lights during the day. The finishing touch is the under-cabinet lighting. 

Kitchen Tiles | Oasis Kitchen Renovation Vancouver

"Working with kitchen designers from Oasis Kitchens brought the whole concept together," explains Lucas. "The devil is in the details, "he adds. The couple selected the backsplash tile as they wanted it to be consistent with their fireplace tiling. What's more, they decided to go with matte black linear black handles on each cabinet to break the monotony of the white elements, after trying different handles in the kitchen planner. 

Lucas also expressed his excitement with the drawers next to the fridge at the breakfast corner. "It's easy to access cutlery without worrying about banging." Thanks to Oasis Kitchens, Lucas and Ellen installed soft-close drawers. 

Bright White Custom Kitchen | Oasis Kitchen Vancouver

Close to the drawers at the corner on the second wall, Oasis Kitchens added Lemans pull-out storage for large items such as kettles and pans. This feature maximized the storage space while adding convenience when accessing the utensils. 

Lemans Pullout Kitchen Accessories & Drawers | Oasis Custom Kitchen Vancouver

The Canvas collection also features Calcutta Blanc countertops, which add subtle details. The grey and taupe stripes are beautiful and add a natural feel to the classy kitchen. 

"The project took several weeks, and looking back, I am glad we chose Oasis Kitchens to help us. Navigating strata and Vancouver laws to obtain permits and building drawings, preparing a new design, and selecting and delivering quality materials are challenging as a novice."

"Oasis Kitchens assigned us a kitchen designer, a contractor, and staff to bring our dream kitchen to life," says Ellen. "The team was super responsive and kept me in the loop. I was involved in all decisions and helped me understand each cost for kitchen renovation in Vancouver."

Completed Kitchen Renovation | Oasis Custom Kitchens

Overall, Lucas and Ellen are happy with their bright, high-functioning kitchen where they can spend quality time cooking as a family and entertaining. Their customized kitchen is elegant, modern, and simplistic with quality finishes, optimized space, and plenty of storage. 

Satisfied Owners of the New Renovated Kitchen in Vancouver | Oasis Custom Kitchens


"The entire project stayed within budget and timelines," Lucas says. "We highly recommend working with Oasis Kitchens for a custom kitchen in Vancouver."

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