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Top 5 Holiday Kitchen Decoration Trends

As the holidays draw close, much time will be spent indoors with family and friends. Most of the time, everyone will be in the kitchen, either preparing meals, grabbing a cookie or other snacks, or just sitting at the counter, discussing.

That's why you should include your kitchen in your plans for the holiday decor. You'll need a lot of creativity and tact to take it from the usual boring kitchen layout to the scenery that announces the big holidays are here! 

So, we've compiled five-holiday kitchen trends that are not only popular but can give your kitchen the feel of creativity, class, and warmth for the holidays.

Holiday Kitchen Colour Schemes

Red and Green

Holiday Kitchens Red and Green

Source: Pinterest

The official colors of the Christmas holidays are Red, green, and a touch of white. There's no reason you should not portray the sense for the holidays in your kitchen. You could use bright red and green for your chairs in the kitchen. 

The wreaths you hang on the doors could also do with a touch of red and green. Wreaths can be purchased at the department store, or you could make them yourself and apply those beautiful colors. You could hang it on the wall, just above the sink, on the kitchen cabinet itself. 

White and Green

Holiday White Kitchen

Source: Pinterest

This combination goes hand in hand with an all-white kitchen. An all-white and green decoration, placed strategically to give the idea of a simple, classy, and elegant color outlook, is perfect. It is built with love for the modern-day family, who love to assemble in the kitchen. 


Holiday Pink Kitchen

Source: Pinterest

Pink is perfect for kitchens with low-intensity colored kitchens (commonly found in Airbnb apartments. The design can bring about that warm outcome, giving you the thrill of a country home. 


Holiday Kitchen Gold Decorations

Source: Pinterest

Gold is a mark of quality and classiness. The pink works nicely to satisfy your kitchen layout. Whether it's dark colors, or a touch of beautiful, light colors, Gold will complement them all.

Be Creative - Mix and Match

Holiday Kitchen Mix and Match Colours

Source: Pinterest

There's no reason why you can't spice up your kitchen color schemes with other color combinations. Whatever the kitchen color scheme you want to use, make sure you have fun at it, and it represents the reason for the holidays. 

Cooking Area


Holiday kitchen hood

Source: Pinterest

When you consider how to spice up your cooking area, many accessories could go there. One of them is the hood, or better still, a wreath. Just as we started, giving your wreath different colors to show the reason for the holidays, it could still serve at your cook area. 

The hood holds lots of promise to set the tone for the kitchen and is one of the first places the eyes catch when stepping into the kitchen. So, be sure not to leave the place bare, and let your kitchen decorations light up the spot. 


Holiday kitchen window decoration

Source: Pinterest

Your kitchen window is another reference point for making your kitchen decorations worthwhile. You can turn your windows into a festival of lights, adding different lights to spark up the area. Your wreaths could also go here if you wish. 

One tip, though, do not to overburden the windows with excessive decorations. You wouldn't want to block the light from getting in. 


Holiday kitchen shelves

Source: Pinterest

For this Christmas period, there'll be lots of space on your shelf that you should use to your advantage. Do you have some rare silverware locked up somewhere? Maybe it's time to bring them out and exhibit them on the shelf. Add some Christmas lights and your kitchen shelves are already in the mood for the holidays. 

Kitchen Island

Lighting and Stools

Holiday kitchen lighting

Source: Pinterest

Do you have stools in your kitchen? Don't let them be bare. It's time to spice them up to feel that the holidays are upon us. You can get some garlands or tiny pieces of a wreath that you place at the back of each of them. 

Don't forget, for the different locations you place your wreath on, they don't have to be the same color. Mash it up, mix colors and give your Kitchen Island the feel of the Christmas holidays.


Holiday kitchen countertop

Source: Pinterest

The countertop is where most of the events will happen in the kitchen; all family members will be seated here. You can't just ignore this critical space. 

Beautiful ornaments, decorated cookies, greenery, and candles of different types can occupy this space. What you place here should also follow kitchen trends. Kitchen color schemes decor will also play a huge role here. If your kitchen is painted white, all the colors will fit nicely and smoothly. 

Another point is the plates you'll be using to serve meals. To add more beauty, you can use holiday-themed napkins to beautify the place and go further to add beautifully designed shells.

Dining Space

holiday kitchen table decorations

Source: Pinterest

Finally, your dining space can use some severe decoration for the season. Here, let your creativity come alive to select the kind of picture you want as you and your family dine on the table.

Beautifully scented candles (lavender are my favorite), greenery can bring the smiles you want at every meal session during the holidays. You can set the candles on a candle holder for more added effect. 

The windows providing light to your dining space should not be left out. Shades or curtains that complement the color of the room should be picked. You can also go for deep, rich colors that add extra decor to your room. 

The walls can also be decorated. You can get some wreaths and hang them here, or a beautiful painting won't be wrong. One thing, though, is do not make the decorations in your dining space become too much. It could take away the idea of a simple, classy holiday to be spent with family and friends. 

Final thoughts

Every year, people take the time to plan decorations for the entire house to signify the holidays. Some make the mistake of missing out on the kitchen. The kitchen should be one of the essential rooms in the house to see a facelift since you'll be spending a lot of time here for the holidays.

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