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The True Streamlined Kitchen Renovation Process at Oasis Kitchens

If you've been looking for the best solutions to renovate your kitchen, you may have already heard about a streamlined kitchen renovation process. 

Many kitchen cabinet professionals offer this service, but it's important to understand what the process involves and how to make sure the renovation is truly streamlined.

At Oasis Kitchens, we offer a true streamlined kitchen renovation process that sets us apart from the vast majority of kitchen companies. 

If you're wondering how so, the answer is simple. Most of the kitchen cabinet companies out there claim to be offering a streamlined renovation process, but they are in fact dealers of overseas or non-local cabinetry makers. 

Oasis Kitchens Competitive Advantage

Once you decide to pay a deposit and employ them for a kitchen remodel after paying them a hefty design consultation fee, they will outsource your job to non-local factories that most of the time are owned by other companies.

There are multiple downsides to this approach — first, the process will take much longer than expected because the company you hire doesn't have full control of the production. This means that they will have to wait for the cabinets you ordered to be shipped from facilities located in other countries most of the time.

At Oasis Kitchens, we do things differently. 

Here's a quick overview of our unique streamlined kitchen renovation process that we employ to help you build the kitchen of your dreams.

1. We do the design ourselves

Unlike most of the other kitchen companies out there, our in-house Kitchen Designers use our state-of-the-art 3D kitchen planner to bring your kitchen vision to life at our showroom in Richmond or Coquitlam or at your home..

We help you visualize your future kitchen in 3D or HD and guide you every step of the way when it comes to choosing everything from the main design to the colour of the handles. 

Oasis Kitchens Design Consultation

Our complimentary kitchen design service includes:

  • We are generating multiple kitchen layouts to suit the exact size of your kitchen. Our own kitchen designers curate all designs. 
  • You'll be free to choose any of the generated designs and then customize them to suit your taste.
  • With the help of our kitchen planner, all it takes is a couple of clicks to change the cabinet sizes, door colours, handles, accessories, appliances and more. 
  • You'll be able to see the pricing of your cabinetry in real-time, so you're in control of your budget at all times.
  • What's even better, you'll get an estimate of the total cost of your renovation within 30 minutes. Most competitors charge up to $200 in designer fees, and they need a minimum of one week to prepare the drawings and renderings for your approval. 
HD Photos by Oasis Kitchens

HD photos by the Oasis kitchen planner

If you're considering remodeling your kitchen, you may want to spend some time gathering ideas by visiting design websites online or collecting images of your favourite kitchens on a Pinterest board to use as inspiration during the planning process. Both will provide you with a plethora of ideas to "chew on" as you begin to consider remodeling your kitchen.

Early in the planning process, a qualified professional may assist you in focusing on what type of kitchen would be the most appropriate for you and your family by understanding what questions to ask. 

The need for a cooking area, storage, and prep space, a cleanup center, and the ability to serve are all features that all kitchens must have in order to run well. Aesthetic considerations, lighting, physical and functional needs, real arrangement preferences, and the wide range of activities that take place in the kitchen go beyond those very simple fundamentals.

When you're happy with the design you created with our kitchen planner, you'll receive 3D renderings, HD photos, a quote for the entire project as well as free samples. That way, you'll be able to think it through without any pressure before proceeding. 

2. We connect with the right contractors

Oasis Kitchens Contractor

At Oasis Kitchen, we understand that a kitchen renovation can be a stressful project, especially if you haven't done one before. 

You might not even know that you need a general contractor to complete the project. Don't worry, though — we can put you in touch with dozens of vetted contractors, so you don't have to spend days calling random contractors and asking for quotes. 

All the contractors we recommend have fair pricing, high quality of work and an excellent level of customer service. If needed, we can also put you in touch with some of the best local countertop and appliance suppliers. 

3. We manufacture your cabinets

Inhouse kitchen cabinet production

All our cabinets are manufactured in-house at our plant in Surrey, British Columbia. For the past 30 years, our production team has been constructing kitchens at the highest possible quality standards. Our own crew adheres to the Oasis quality control method to ensure your kitchen installation's long-term viability. 

Every customer at Oasis Kitchens is assigned a project manager who is responsible for keeping you informed of any updates to your project. You will have a comprehensive understanding of the delivery and installation schedules, so there are absolutely no surprises along the way.

When it comes to materials, we source our sheet goods in North America rather than elsewhere, unlike most of our competitors.

We manufacture two product lines: Original (white melamine) and Deluxe (plywood). When choosing the best material for your cabinets, it's important to consider the thickness.

The more expensive cabinet box construction method is typically plywood. However, it's important to examine the thickness before deciding on plywood. 5/8" is typically considered the standard thickness, whereas 3/4" is considered excellent, and 1/2" is considered too thin for high-quality cabinets.

In addition to being incredibly easy to maintain, 3/4" white melamine is a material brightens up the space. 

The best part is that these architecturally approved materials are made from 90 percent pre-consumer recycled content. Your kitchen will be designed to reduce your environmental impact while also providing long lasting performance, so you can enjoy your it for many years to come.

4. We deliver the finished kitchen cabinets 

Oasis Kitchen Delivery

Our own staff will deliver your kitchen cabinets. We have complete control over the shipping and delivery process. The majority of our competitors' products are delivered from other cities or even foreign countries, but that's never the case with Oasis Kitchen. 

Delivery is an important part of our streamlined kitchen renovation process, and that's why we handle it in-house. We don't outsource delivery because we want to be able to tell you exactly where your order is without having to chase any third-party delivery teams.

5. We install the cabinets 

Installation kitchen cabinet

Our friendly skilled installers ensure that your kitchen is installed in a fast and precise manner, resulting in a finished product that looks precisely like you imagined it in the shortest amount of time possible.

The professional installation team will complete the installation of your kitchen cabinets in 1-2 days. We have a procedure in place for all installers to follow in order to ensure that your space is clean and that no rubbish is left behind after the installation.

6. We offer aftercare, too

Customer Care

We don't install your kitchen and then never pick up when you call. We believe in long-lasting relationships, so our relationship doesn't end once your new kitchen is in place.

If anything comes up, we'll be happy to discuss it and help solve any issue. Our main priority is creating a happy place for you at home, and this doesn't end with the installation of your new kitchen. 

To benefit from the unique streamlined kitchen renovation process at Oasis Kitchen, book a design consultation with one of our kitchen designers. 

Alternatively, visit one of our showrooms in Coquitlam and Richmond to give the kitchen planner a go and discuss your kitchen vision with one of our friendly staff members. 

Virtual consultations and on-site consultations are also available. 

Contact us at 604-670-9588, or simply click here to book a complimentary design consultation with one of our kitchen designers. Let's make your dream kitchen become a reality.

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