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The Importance of Hiring a Kitchen Professional for Your Kitchen Renovation

Remodelling your kitchen is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. Does the thought of remodelling your kitchen make you feel stressed? On average, the cost of a kitchen remodel is $14,000.

A kitchen remodel should be functional and spacious. It should also reflect the amount of time your family spends in the kitchen. But where do you begin?

The best option is to hire a kitchen professional or kitchen designer. They have extensive experience with new home developments and renovations. Is your kitchen in desperate need of a makeover?

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a kitchen professional to complete your kitchen renovation.

Benefits of Hiring a Kitchen Professional

What could be better than having someone take charge of a stressful renovation? Speaking to contractors and vendors yourself can be a lengthy process. It can sometimes require the commitment of a full-time job.
Hiring a kitchen professional will help you to avoid expensive mistakes. By providing proper measurements, plans, and designs, they can avoid any mishaps.

Kitchen Designer Working on the Project | Oasis Kitchens

Project Management

A kitchen professional will have vast amounts of experience and knowledge. They can manage your renovation project in a timely fashion. They will be able to identify the small details you may not have thought about and take care of them in a hassle-free manner. You may think that managing your project on your own will save money. The reality is that you might not have the time or expertise to complete the project.

A kitchen professional has access to planning tools and scheduling systems. This makes hiring them an excellent investment.

Kitchen Project Management | Oasis Kitchens

Access to Technology

By hiring a kitchen professional to plan your new kitchen remodel, you will access the latest technology. You can use an online kitchen planner to easily communicate your requirements. Your designer can also get live pricing updates.
The Oasis Kitchens online kitchen planner will show you instant pricing and allow you to visualize your kitchen in 3D and HD. If you ever get stuck in the kitchen design, the kitchen designers are there to help. They will also have access to the latest software that will help them manage the project. This will keep everything running smoothly.

Kitchen Designers Working on a Kitchen Planner Demo | Oasis Kitchens

Planning and Measuring

Making sure the measurements are accurate for your kitchen renovation is essential. If you want to avoid paying for your mistakes, make sure you measure your space correctly. If you provide improper measurements during your kitchen renovation, you could end up with uneven cabinets, gaps between seams, and appliances that will not fit.

Kitchen professionals will also have access to a wider variety of materials. They are also aware of the latest design trends and who to contact to find specific products. Whether you want a kitchen with an island design or concealed kitchen cabinets, having a kitchen professional on hand will help you achieve your design dreams with ease.

Kitchen Planning | Oasis Custom Kitchens

Saves Money and Time

A kitchen professional will be able to quickly evaluate the cost of your kitchen renovation. They can access the materials you need much quicker than the average Joe. They will also have connections that will allow them to access resources and equipment at a better price than if you were to source them yourself.

The cost of a kitchen renovation can spiral out of control if you don't know what you are doing. Hiring a kitchen professional will save you money by helping you avoid costly mistakes and provide an effective workforce to get the job done.

You will save yourself a lot of time and stress by hiring a kitchen designer who can speak to vendors and contractors on your behalf. Your kitchen renovation will take twice as long if you choose to manage it by yourself. An experienced kitchen professional will have long-standing relationships with tradespeople that a homeowner would not have.

Experience and Knowledge

Designing a kitchen is not as straightforward as it looks. There are several factors that a kitchen designer must take into consideration, such as water and gas lines, flooring, and structure. Challenges will always present themselves during kitchen renovations, and a kitchen professional will know how to deal with them easily.

A kitchen professional will also ensure that you get the best value from your new kitchen. They know where to get the best quality products and how to get the best from your kitchen in terms of aesthetic, functionality, and durability. They will consider what you need and come up with the best design and materials to suit your lifestyle.

Let them know if you are trying to improve your home appraisal value, and they can factor this into your designs. Your kitchen professional will have experience with the real estate market and help you maximize your property value if that is your aim. By knowing what will add value to your kitchen, your kitchen designer can add value to your property.

How Does It Work?

Hiring a kitchen professional to design and assist with your renovation is simple. To design your dream home, they will help you sort through your ideas and goals to make sure you get the best kitchen for your investment. First, you need to book a design meeting with a kitchen designer to discuss what your dream kitchen looks like.

If you are designing your kitchen on a budget, your kitchen professional can guide you through your options and help you make decisions based on their recommendations.

Designing Your Kitchen

Once you have decided what design you would like to go for, your designer will send you samples of materials. You can visit our showroom in Coquitlam to see and feel the materials anytime.
Your kitchen designer will communicate with you during the design process to make sure that you are happy with all the details before installation takes place. Your designs will be matched up with the measurements for your kitchen to make sure everything will fit together seamlessly.
Expert installers will then complete your kitchen installation under the guidance of your kitchen professional.

What Is Included?

When you hire a kitchen professional, you don't just get a design plan. If you have ever completed new home developments, you will know how much goes into planning and installation. Hiring a kitchen professional to assist with the kitchen renovation process will give you access to a wide variety of materials and resources.

World-Class Cabinetry

When you hire a kitchen professional, you will use their knowledge of kitchen cabinets to your advantage. Whether you are looking for a high-end style or durability, your kitchen designer will be able to advise on which kitchen cabinets will be best for you.

Hardware and Accessories

When you are designing your kitchen, perfection is in the details. You may not have even considered which door handles to choose for your cabinets or whether you want to include smart home components. Your kitchen professional will make sure that all the finer details are taken care of.

Honest Advice and Pricing

A kitchen designer is a trusted professional who will provide honest advice during your design process. Using the online kitchen planner will provide an instant estimate for your kitchen design that your kitchen professional can work with. From delivery costs to professional installation, it will be clear from the beginning what your budget will include.

In 2018, kitchens were among the most popular and expensive rooms to renovate. By hiring a kitchen professional you will receive expert, honest advice about whether your vision matches your budget and the functionality of your kitchen.

Incredible Kitchen Countertops

To maximize the functionality and value of your kitchen, you need the perfect kitchen countertops. Your kitchen designer will help you select countertops that can withstand moisture, scratches, and the impact of daily kitchen activities. By listening to what you need, a kitchen professional can help you choose how to equip your kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

Start Designing Your Dream Kitchen Today

Completing your kitchen renovation by yourself could seem like the best idea for saving money. However, making mistakes along the way could cost you time and money. Hiring a kitchen professional can take all the hassle out of updating your kitchen and get it done in an efficient and affordable way.

If you are looking for professional and experienced kitchen designers, why not contact the team at Oasis Kitchens? If you are looking for new kitchen cabinets in Vancouver or a kitchen design for Coquitlam, then Oasis Kitchens are the perfect choice for you. With over 30 years of design experience, the production team will assist you with everything you need to obtain your dream kitchen renovation.

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