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Starting Your Kitchen Design Journey Online with Oasis Kitchens

Starting Your Kitchen Design Journey Online with Oasis Kitchens

Designing your very own kitchen has never been easier with the Oasis Kitchens Planner Tool. The kitchen is a place that you live in and utilize every day. Everyone has ideas about what kind of kitchen you need. Now you can design your kitchen on your own time, know exactly what you’re getting, what it looks like, and what it costs in a matter of minutes.

When starting the Oasis Kitchens Planner Tool, there are 5 easy steps to follow to get your design going!

5 kitchen steps with Oasis Kitchens

1. Selection

Before entering the Planner Tool, you’ll be asked three quick questions, that will help our tool get a better feel for your kitchen. Simply input your desired kitchen style, shape, and size here.

2. Floorplan

The first thing you want to do upon arrival into the Kitchen Planner is adjust the floorplan to the dimensions of your kitchen. Click on the dimension to enter in your measurements or click and drag the walls to the desired length. You can also add windows and doors to make your space as accurate as possible.

3. Water supply 

Select the wall that your main water supply is located on. We will use it to determine the sink with our layout suggestions. 

water supply kitchen planner
oasis kitchen planner water supply screenshot

4. Template

Based on the selected kitchen style and shape, our tool will load suggested curated templates to fit your room size seamlessly! 

Note: On rare occasions, our tool will not have a curated template that applies to your room – don’t worry, just let us know that this has happened and an Oasis Design Curator will create a template for you. Alternatively, you can also create your kitchen from scratch!

oasis kitchen template layout

5. Design

Now the fun begins! After selecting the best template for your space, you can edit the design to make it truly yours if you wish. Customize the cabinet colour or replace a couple cabinets to create a kitchen that suits you and your needs. And if you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, feel free to skip the “pick a layout” step to create your very own design from scratch!

Design your kitchen now!

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