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Kitchen Cabinet Trends: What Color Cabinets Are In For 2021?

Remember the days when all kitchen cabinets were a boring brown or yellow? So do we — yuck! Now, laminate woodgrain and natural-looking cabinets are back in vogue. But if you have high-quality plywood or MDF cabinets, you can enjoy a wide range of cabinet colors. Shouldn’t your kitchen be a fun, inspiring space? 

Here are the top color trends for custom kitchen cabinets. Are you ready to get inspired for your kitchen cabinet design project? 

Greige Cabinets

“Greige” is a portmanteau for “grey” and “beige,” and it’s a nice, muted color that gives off an earthy vibe — perfect if you have lots of natural-wood furniture and rustic accents in your home. Greige has warm, yellow undertones that enhance those natural colors.

Greige is way more versatile than either grey or beige, with a range of soothing hues:

  • Colonnade: an earthier greige, similar to sandstone, that evokes the feeling of grand architecture or days at the beach

  • Lamp Room Gray: a cool yet comforting greige that gives a classic vibe

  • Dorian grey: a warm greige with purple undertones, perfect for adding warmth to homes with lots of cool-toned fixtures 

  • Revere pewter: a greenish greige that complements both cool and warm accents


Vintage is back, and with it, a renewed interest in blue and green hues for the kitchen. Now, that’s translated into cabinetry colors that evoke the ocean, beautiful meadows, and tranquil waterways. There is an astounding variety of shades in this color family, including:

  • Sea glass: a vibrant yet muted blue-green, also called seafoam, that provides a calming mood and beachy aesthetic

  • Robin’s egg blue: a classic favorite, this light cyan hue has just a slight greenish undertone, perfect for adding a whimsical vibe 

  • Sky blue: nothing compares to this pale blue for lightening up the kitchen! 

  • Jade green: available in both light and dark shades, this hue is a perfect balance of blue and green and evokes the mystery and magic of its namesake gem

Darker Greens and Blues

For a more sophisticated vibe, choose a darker green or blue. These hues have the rich color effects of dark brown or black cabinetry without seeming stuffy or oppressive. Depending on the ratio of blue to green (or vice versa) in your hue, your custom kitchen cabinets can have the grandeur of the forest, the elegance of gemstones, or a vintage vibe.

The dark greens and blues (and blue-greens) trending in 2021 include:

  • Navy blue: available in both bright and dark tones, this classic blue provides a luxurious and unique aesthetic

  • Olive green: reminiscent of those avocado-colored kitchen appliances, olive hues give your kitchen a vintage feel that also warms up the room 

  • Hunter green: this dark green evokes the forest’s lush greenery

  • Royal blue: lighter and brighter than navy blue, this color is excellent for lightening up with a classic aesthetic

  • Teal: a bit darker and greener than turquoise or seafoam, this pleasing blue-green creates a comforting yet creative look 

Muted Earth Tones

Of course, there’s always the natural wood look, but dark or cherry hues are being replaced by muted, ashy tones. You can achieve this with light browns, caramel- and coffee-inspired hues, or just a subtle whitewashed effect on your cabinets for a white oak or walnut look. These hues blend a unique West Coast aesthetic with strong earthy vibes.

Popular colors include:

  • Coffee cream: a medium golden brown that provides warmth 

  • Terra cotta: an ultra-earthy hue reminiscent of honey and clay

  • Maple: a golden honey brown for a lightweight yet earthy tone

Got some kitchen cabinet color ideas flowing? If you’re needing some inspiration on your kitchen cabinet choices, discover our kitchen cabinet design ideas! Now we’ve provided some inspiration, it’s time to choose the perfect colors for your kitchen cabinets! Don’t worry, it’s easy with our kitchen planner that allows you to visualize different hues in your kitchen cabinet design. Create your dream kitchen now!

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