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How We Build Kitchen Cabinets - An Inside Look At Our Process

Your kitchen’s cabinets are one of its defining features! The best kitchen cabinets are a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. At Oasis Kitchens, we love transforming kitchens with some gorgeous cabinetry. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to build kitchen cabinets — and how we at Oasis do what we do — read on to learn the secrets of cabinet construction and refinishing. 

Here’s your inside peek into our custom kitchen development!

Step 1: We Construct Quality Cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets have a lot of responsibility. They need to (a) store your dishes, utensils, and food, (b) support your oven, stovetop, dishwasher, and other appliances, and (c) provide an efficient layout and countertop space. 

That’s why kitchen cabinets must be built to last. It all starts with the cabinet “box,” which is the main structure of the cabinet. At Oasis, we offer both 3/4" White Melamine and birch plywood. These are sturdier and much thicker than the 5/8” MDF or particleboard that many cheap cabinets use. Over time, this thinner material can degrade, swell, and warp — not ideal for holding your precious dishes and heavy appliances! 

The boxes are mounted on a back panel that provides structural support. If you’d like luxurious countertop materials such as marble, your cabinets must have furniture-grade plywood backing. At Oasis Kitchens, we ensure that our cabinets are properly constructed to withstand that extra weight.

Kitchen Cabinet Maker

Step 2: We Add Multi-Functional Doors

Cabinets aren’t cabinets without doors, and these do more than hide your belongings. They enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic and help protect your food and dishes from dust and grease. Cheap cabinets often have cheap doors that can get stained by stove top grease or even fingerprints. They may warp as well, leaving your cabinets lopsided — and no one wants that!

Depending on the custom kitchen design, we build our cabinet doors from either ¾” high-pressure laminate materials or 3/4” solid MDF. Our laminate doors are engineered for durability and incorporate anti-fingerprint technology into our matte finishes, allowing your cabinets to stay cleaner, longer. We also use a synchronized wood grain technique to help the laminate look authentic. 

Kitchen doors

When we build the doors from MDF, we use a nice strong material that provides an excellent surface for painted finishes to look their best. These doors are made to withstand constant use. If kitchen cabinets become warped due to moisture, the doors can crack. That doesn’t happen with Oasis cabinets thanks to our superior materials. 

Step 3: We Install the Cabinetry with Premium Hardware

Even the best-constructed cabinets are useless if they can’t be easily opened. Cheap hardware leads to hanging doors, drawers that won’t open, and overall degradation of your cabinetry. At Oasis Kitchens, we use innovative hardware to make your cabinets both functional and secure.

This includes the BLUM metal drawer box system, which supports the drawers and allows them to open and close easily (and quietly!). The metal drawer support can also be used for pullout appliances and heavy-duty storage. We use the same durable, soft-close technology in our kitchen cabinet door hinges as well.

Kitchen Drawer Blum

Step 4: We Put It All Together for Functional, Beautiful Storage

Sure, you could just have cabinets and drawers. But with our metal drawer box system, durable materials, and innovative hardware, we can offer some amazing storage solutions. As part of our kitchen cabinet design, we often build functional storage accessories — mainly pullout systems that allow kitchen features to be concealed within the cabinets.

Our top requests are pullout drawers and holders for garbage cans, pantry shelves, and pan storage. We love taking the corner cabinet, which is almost useless in traditional cabinetry setups, and turning it into a space-efficient pullout system! 

Kitchen storage

Wrapping Up

As you see, we at Oasis Kitchens love turning kitchens into space-efficient, ultra-durable spaces. We know the last thing you want while cooking is to struggle with sagging cabinets and stuck drawers! That’s why we use only premium materials to build our cabinetry systems.

Eager to create your custom kitchen? You can start brainstorming now! Use our kitchen planner tool to design your dream kitchen or schedule a meeting with one of our design curators for inspiration and guidance.

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