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How to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodelling Project

The kitchen is the most used area in a house and is widely considered the heart of the modern home. Remodelling your kitchen is a great way to add value to your home. In fact, the kitchen can be a make or break point for potential homebuyers. Although giving your kitchen a new look is a good investment, remodelling can be quite expensive.

As a homeowner, it’s up to you to complete your kitchen remodelling project on a budget. Here are some tips to help you minimize costs while remodelling your kitchen.

1. Refresh Rather Than Replace the Cabinets

Projects that keep most of the materials are generally cheaper to execute than those that replace the materials. Getting new kitchen cabinets is expensive, mainly because you will need the new cabinets custom-made to fit your space. If your cabinets are still in good shape, you can save money by simply refreshing them. Refreshing is easy to do, affordable, and can be done quickly by experienced professionals. It allows you to change the colours and style of your cabinets to your taste and significantly enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen.

There are numerous cost-effective and eco-friendly ways you can refresh your kitchen cabinets. They include:

  • Painting: Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way of refreshing them. It’s a simple enough process for beginners to execute and doesn’t require advanced expertise. 
  • Refacing: This involves adding a new veneer outside the cabinet boxes and replacing the drawer fronts and doors. The process requires expertise and tools that you may not have—it’s therefore important to consult professionals. While it’s more expensive than painting, it’s cheaper than getting new cabinets.
  • Hardware: Updating your cabinet hardware with modern handles, pulls, and knobs can also give your cabinets a new look and feel. Changing your cabinet hardware is a quick and affordable way to refresh your cabinets. 

2. Repair Your Appliances

kitchen appliance repair

Gone are the days when broken appliances are disposed of during a kitchen remodelling project. Today, there’s so much information about repairing kitchen appliances readily available and various part marketplaces online. This has made it easier for homeowners to repair their appliances on their own rather than hiring professionals or buying new appliances. Appliances that you can fix yourself include microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, and garbage disposals. While your ability to repair the appliances will depend on what’s causing them to malfunction and your skill level, you may want to attempt to fix it yourself before hiring help.

3. Buy Refurbished Pieces

saving money on kitchen renovations

Don’t overlook the value of buying refurbished pieces. From lighting, hardware, accessories, and appliances, flea markets and thrift shops offer unique, fully functional, and high-quality pieces that are eco-friendly and will help you save money.

4. Keep Your Existing Kitchen Layout

Oasis kitchens layout design

Changing your kitchen layout is a sure way of increasing your remodelling budget. Modifying your kitchen layout will often entail moving your appliances, shifting the plumbing and electrical systems, and punching holes in your walls, which means you’ll be adding the cost of materials and professional labour to your already tight budget. On the other hand, keeping your kitchen layout is essentially updating your kitchen within the same framework. This means you don’t have to modify your electrical and plumbing systems or break down walls.

Maintaining your layout enables you to achieve a new look and feel in your kitchen while staying within your budget. Furthermore, depending on your current kitchen layout, you may have limited to no space to make changes unless you want to significantly alter your home’s structure.

5. Convert an Old Cart or Table Into a Kitchen Island

Instead of hiring someone to build you a kitchen island or installing a new one, you can create a kitchen island using a table or an old cart. You can add caster wheels to a cart or table to make a mobile and workable kitchen island. The mobile kitchen island will be functional and will help you save on construction costs.

6. Do Some Work Yourself

kitchen renovation research

Labour costs often comprise almost half of your overall kitchen remodelling budget. Thus, you may want to do some of the work yourself to save on costs. Tasks that may require beginner to intermediate DIY expertise include demolition, interior painting, flooring installation, changing lights and outlets, tiling, and installing trims and baseboards.

While carrying out renovations on your own may seem like a great way to save money, mistakes you make along the way may cost you more money and time in the long run. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult kitchen remodelling professionals to help you through your project and get it done efficiently and within your budget.

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