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How to Pair Countertop Colours with Dark Cabinets

The kitchen has evolved over the years, from simply a room for preparing and storing food to a room that's an expression of your tastes and family customs. It is a versatile space where families prepare meals, socialize, entertain, and of course, eat. Kitchen designs are increasingly incorporating darker tones to bring sophistication and vitality to the space. Cabinets in tones of chocolate, charcoal, forest green, or even black, when paired with the right countertops, are luxurious and can create a dramatic contrast with a warm and inviting ambience. Your kitchen cabinets and countertops makeup 75% of the physical space in your kitchen and are a big investment. If you have your heart set on dark-coloured kitchen cabinets, here are some suggestions to consider when selecting your countertops.

White Countertops

Dark kitchen cabinets


Pairing white countertops—such as white quartz—with dark cabinetry adds a dramatic contrast while introducing more light into your design. It is a great way to prevent the space from feeling claustrophobic or overwhelming from too many dark-coloured surfaces.

If you are going for a modern design with less dramatic impact, white granite countertops with light veins paired with dark wood cabinetry will give your kitchen design a warm appeal.

Lighter Hues

Dark kitchen cabinet lighter hues

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Pairing your dark kitchen cabinets with lighter hues of the same shade can help to balance the tone of the cabinets. For example, a beige or tan countertop would complement darker cabinetry.

Using neutral complementary tones such as beige, ivory, green, or grey is also a great option, as they highlight the beauty of wood cabinets.

Reflective Surfaces

With dark kitchen cabinets in your design, you want to maximize the lighting in the space; this does not mean you have to select light-coloured countertops. Depending on your overall design, you can still choose darker colours for countertops and opt for a polished surface. Shiny surfaces like granite countertops are naturally reflective and will illuminate the space by reflecting natural light and any light from other sources. Other reflective options to consider are laminates, quartz, or even stainless steel.

Veined Countertops

Choosing lighter countertops that have veining, such as marble or granite, with the same or similar colour of the cabinets creates a creamy and subtle transition of colour. It is a less jarring contrast and offers great colour coordination for kitchens with dark cabinets and floors.

You can also opt for granite or marble countertops with flecks of gold or shimmer in the veining to pair with cabinets with darker hues. This will help to brighten the space and add a touch of luxury.

Grey is the New Neutral

Grey kitchen countertop

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The colour grey presents a sophisticated, modern, and neutral design experience. If you have cabinets in shades of grey, try pairing them with grey quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances. If you want to add personality to your grey tones, use accent colours in your décor to highlight design elements in your kitchen.

White marble countertops are a great way to add light to your grey kitchen design. Choosing marble countertops with subtle veins of grey can add a sleek and creamy contrast to grey kitchen cabinets. Grey Corian® or quartz countertops are also classic options for medium-toned walnut or chestnut cabinets.

The Dark Side

Dark countertop kitchen

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If you have the luxury of an expansive space, large windows, or bright lighting, you can indulge in pairing dark countertops with your dark kitchen cabinetry. Dark kitchens in shades of black, chocolate, charcoal, and navy are bold, sleek, and seductively enticing.

A countertop such as granite gives the advantage of a glossy reflective surface; you can also opt for marble with flecks of gold. Try to incorporate lighter surfaces in your design such as light-coloured backsplash, flooring, or walls. Add illumination to your dark kitchen design and dark areas by using under-cabinet accent lights or LED strips.

Introducing pendulum lights as statement pieces add sophistication with the benefit of more light; you can also use gold, steel, or chrome accents.

Pop of Colour

If you are going for a more contemporary or creative look for your kitchen, you can add pizzazz by choosing brightly coloured countertops that reflect your personality and style. 

Dark kitchen cabinets typically pair well with light or neutral coloured countertops. However, depending on your kitchen design, space, and lighting, you can opt for more dramatic colours—for example, red reflective quartz countertops with black kitchen cabinets. 

Your Kitchen Design, Simplified

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