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Getting Started! 3 Easy Steps to Create Your Kitchen Design

3 Easy Steps to Create Your Kitchen Design

Your first step when entering the kitchen planner tool is to set your floorplan to the appropriate size and shape. If you're not sure where to begin when it comes to measuring your kitchen, make sure to check out our easy step-by-step guide on How To Measure Your Kitchen to learn all the tips & tricks!

During your session with our tool, you always have access to our chat box where you can live chat with a design curator if you ever get stuck or need a little advice or inspiration. We also have our help center on the right-hand side of the page full of tips to guide you through each function within the tool. 

Under the floorplan step, you can edit your room shape, adjust your floorplan to your specific room measurements, add walls, and add any openings like doors and windows. You also have the option to add wall coverings (paint, wallpaper, etc..) and change the flooring to make your design as realistic as possible!

Lastly, you can edit your ceiling height to adjust the floorplan floor the 3D modelling – ensuring the appropriate wall cabinets are selected!

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