How To

Edit Wall Cabinets

How To Edit Wall Cabinets

Once you’ve laid out your kitchen design and determine the appropriate wall cabinet sizes, you can edit selected cabinets to other heights or configurations based on the corresponding width.

Within the edit tab, you can also change the cabinet colour “front” and apply it to either the selected linear or all. You can view and edit the cabinets to any of our collection colours without exiting the tool. Under the same tab, you can also customize the handles, editing either just the selected cabinet or applying all to the entire design.

The risers can also be edited to either the desired height of 3” or 6” based on your ceiling height and desired look. You can also edit the colour to match the cabinet front, but note that it will apply to the entire linear. 

Follow the same steps to edit the colour for any exposed gables or under paneling, but note these will fall under the cabinet front default colour unless otherwise changed under the edit tab. 

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