How To

Edit Tall Storage Cabinets

With all the storage cabinet options available, it can be hard to determine the correct style for your space off the get-go. In this video, we review just how easy it is to replace your selected cabinet to another style of the same size if you ever need to change it out or see the other options available.

Just like the base or wall cabinets, when selecting into a storage cabinet, your first option is to replace the item. Here, you have all the options of different styles of the same size cabinet to choose from. While also under the edit tab of the cabinet, you can change the colour “front” to either the selected linear or all. You can view and edit the cabinets to any of our collection colours without exiting the tool.

TIP: Keep in mind, especially with pantry door swings, the left or right orientation. You’ll notice single doors are noted either “left” or “right” – this indicates which side the hinges are on. 

With tall storage cabinet, you have the option to change the height of the riser to 3” or 6”. Based on your ceiling height and your desired look, you can select the best one for your space. 

Follow the same steps to edit hardware, gables, and toekicks.

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