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7 Kitchen Design Trends For The Rest Of 2021

The kitchen is the most important room in the house — at least if you love food! But the era of the drab kitchen is over. These days, there’s no need to choose between function and beauty. Whether you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or building a custom home, here are the top kitchen design trends for the latter part of 2021!

What are the kitchen design trends in 2021?

In 2020, many of us spent a lot more time at home — and therefore in the kitchen — than we normally do. This has led us to seek homier yet more functional elements in our kitchen designs. This year, we’re looking for earthen fixtures and vintage finishes for our cabinets, shelving, and countertops.

Also, the ever-growing interest in eco-friendly design is shifting kitchens from synthetic materials (or those with a high carbon footprint) to sustainable, natural construction. Goodbye, linoleum and marble, hello terra cotta and quartz!

Keep reading to discover the most gorgeous kitchen trends to try in your custom kitchen design.

Pops of Color

Pops Colour Kitchen

Who says your kitchen has to all be one color? In 2021, kitchen designers are painting key features, such as the island or backsplash, “accent” colors to add visual interest. If your kitchen is a neutral color, try creating a focal point with teal or cornflower blue. For warm-colored kitchens, your accent color could be salmon, bright red, or avocado. For cool-colored kitchens, try robin’s egg blue, cerulean, or lavender. You can hop on this trend even if your kitchen is all-natural wood: opt for forest green or crimson.

A Whimsical Backsplash

Your backsplash encompasses the kitchen wall between your cabinets and countertop. This is typically a plain wall color — but it doesn’t have to be! You can add a fun vibe to your kitchen by re-doing your backsplash. In 2021, the trends include colorful printed wallpaper or mosaic tile patterns. You can also use neutral or solid-colored tile for a more natural, farmhouse look.

It’s up to you whether you transform your entire backsplash or focus on key areas (i.e. behind the sink and stovetop). Either way, you’ll love walking into your kitchen and seeing some vibrant patterns or colors instead of a boring old backsplash!

Rustic with a Twist

Rustic kitchens (natural wood paneling, earthen fixtures, wrought-iron hardware, etc.) are nothing new. Actually, this trend from years gone by is starting to get a bit predictable. Liven up your rustic kitchen with pops of color (see above) or swap out some of the wooden elements for beautiful tile, stainless steel, or eclectic fixtures (think decorative overhead lighting, drawer pulls, repurposed-material shelving, etc.)

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood kitchen

As part of the sustainability movement, more carpenters are leaning toward reclaimed wood, which is typically sourced from discarded lumber or fallen trees. This is better for the environment, plus it gives your kitchen a charming farmhouse feel. Combine your reclaimed wood cabinets, kitchen island, and pantry with stone and tile features, wrought-iron or brass hardware, and some modern light fixtures to keep things from looking too log cabin-y.

Hidden Appliances

After investing so much in your beautiful cabinets and countertop, the last thing you want is for your dishwasher and refrigerator to interrupt the visual flow. Even the sleekest appliances can stick out like sore thumbs. In 2021, custom kitchen designers are concealing these appliances behind faux cabinets. With a simple front panel that matches your overall cabinet design, your appliances blend perfectly into your kitchen. 

Wall-Mounted Dish Racks

Dish racks

Why hide away your gorgeous flatware and mugs in a cupboard? In decades past, kitchens had plate racks and cup hooks built into the walls and cabinets. These features have come back in a big way, with wall-mounted racks and under-cabinet hooks providing a functional yet aesthetic way to store your beautiful dishware.

Open Shelving

Speaking of open dish storage, why not keep all your beautiful kitchenware out on display? Items such as bamboo cutting boards, stone mixing bowls, ceramic serving trays, etc. look great when displayed out in the open. Install some floating shelves throughout your kitchen — or simply take the doors off your cabinets. Plus, it will be easy to find what you need in a pinch!

Bonus: Open shelving is perfect for smaller kitchens where countertop space is at a premium. Build up your walls with shelves for attractive, space-saving storage.

No matter your budget, there’s a way to freshen up your kitchen design for a modern, homey feel. Bottom line: don’t be afraid to blend natural materials with vintage features and bright colors! In 2021, modern kitchen designs are geared toward cultivating a creative, multi-functional space. Let yours shine. 

Wrapping Up

Feeling inspired? Now we’ve provided some ideas, use our kitchen planner tool to plan yours. Use our kitchen planner tool to design your dream kitchen. Don’t forget, not all trends should be followed; we’ve also got you covered with all of the trends not to follow in 2021.

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