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5 Storage Ideas to Maximize your Kitchen Space

5 Storage Ideas to Maximize your Kitchen Space

From countertops to cabinets, space in the kitchen is often in high demand. Reducing clutter while still making sure you can find a home for all of your kitchen tools can be challenging, especially if your kitchen is already small to begin with. The good news is that with the right storage solutions, it’s easy to both save and maximize space in the kitchen, no matter how much square footage you’re working with.

Here are five of our favourite kitchen storage ideas that we recommend at Oasis Kitchens:

Magic LeMans

Corners are notoriously tricky places when it comes to kitchen storage. Their awkward configuration makes it hard to take advantage of the space left in cabinet corners. Magic LeMans are perfect kitchen space saving solutions because they swing effortlessly in and out from corner cabinets, making it easy to reach and store your items.


Magic Blind Corner

Just like the Magic LeMans, the Magic Blind Corner allows you to fully utilize your corner storage when you have a cabinet that sits flat at the corner, rather than in an L-shape in the corner. These also swing in and out easily, helping you make use of an otherwise unusable corner of your kitchen.


Super Susans

Another great storage solution for kitchen corners, super Susans use the same concept as their table-top counterpart to make accessing items easier. These spinning shelves not only let you use your corner spaces more efficiently, but their tiers can also give you more surface space to work with.


Tray dividers

One missed opportunity in standard cabinets is the vertical space that goes to waste when we rely on stacking kitchenware. Tray dividers eliminate this issue by allowing you to store things like baking sheets, pots, and pans upright. This system not only lets you fit more into your cupboards, it also makes it easier to get the things you need without having to move or knock over other stacked items.


Base pull-outs

Pull-outs are a popular alternative to drawers, and if you’re looking to save space in your kitchen, they’re worth considering. Pull-outs can be made wider than drawers without the worry of sagging over time. They can also be a more effective way of storing bulky and awkward items like kitchen tools, measuring cups, and food storage containers.


Garbage pull-outs

There’s no getting around the fact that garbage and recycling bins are necessary but unsightly parts of any kitchen. By moving them into their own dedicated pull-out you not only get the bins out of sight, you also free up valuable floor space. Garbage pull-outs also help contain odor and keep bins out of reach of curious pets and toddler


Even the smallest kitchen can be made to feel bigger and more organized with a few creative storage solutions!

You can try all of these kitchen space saving options and see exactly how they would look in your dream kitchen with the Oasis kitchen planner tool!

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