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10 Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen remodelling can be an expensive project. But what is even more costly? Kitchen remodelling mistakes that you may have to undo. So, it’s important to get it right the first time around.

There’s a lot to consider when you are remodelling your kitchen, and overlooking or ignoring the smallest of details can have lasting consequences. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of common remodelling pitfalls to avoid so that you can create a functional and beautiful space. We’ll walk you through them:

Limited Storage

Custom kitchens should have adequate storage spaces, even those that are minimalistic in appearance. A good kitchen design will include storage to fit items used in specific areas. Additionally, you have many options to choose from when it comes to cabinets and open storage. These will come in handy for seldom-used items, decorative items, and small appliances.

Not Making the Most of the Kitchen Space

A bigger kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean better, except in the instance where the kitchen feels cramped. Speak with an experienced kitchen designer before you knock down the walls. Besides, knocking down walls to expand your kitchen can result in significant plumbing and electrical work, thereby driving up your expenses.

Your kitchen designer can use proper kitchen design techniques and modern appliances to make the most out of a small kitchen—this is because they take function into account while ensuring that your kitchen isn’t overwhelmed.

Narrow Kitchen Aisles

Tight aisles make it difficult to accommodate all the activities in a kitchen; aim to widen yours so that you and your family can cook as a team without bumping into each other. To create a more comfortable setting, ensure that aisles between islands, appliances, and walls are between 42 to 48 inches wide.

Wrong Size Cabinets and Appliances

Here’s another reason you need to look before you leap. Unfortunately, some people order oversized or undersized refrigerators, overhead cabinets, microwaves, etc. You can learn from their mistakes by measuring the spaces properly and purchasing the items before completion. For peace of mind, be sure to double-check the measurements. Take it a step further by checking the dimensions when the door of the appliance or cabinet is open.

Poor or Unsuitable Lighting

New kitchen designs should include ample lighting. Note that different types of lights serve different purposes; for example, pendant lights are perfect for task lighting—especially when positioned over your peninsula or island—and recessed lights create a warm ambiance. On the flip side, overhead lighting can be too harsh for the kitchen.

Wasting Space

While you may desire a spacious kitchen, be mindful that too much space affects its functionality. To cut down on the walking distance between the stove and other areas, you can designate spots for meal prepping and dining. Your kitchen designer may suggest a breakfast nook for utility and style.

Making Changes After the Project Starts

Consult a kitchen designer before the work begins because indecisiveness can be expensive. Your request for adjustments after the remodelling has started will not only cost you—it may result in delays. You can also expect a hefty bill if you make impulsive decisions regarding the designs. To prevent this, buy samples of flooring or countertop materials ahead of time to get a sense of how they’ll look in your kitchen.

Making Modern Appliances the Focal Point

Stainless steel appliances may be contemporary and sleek, but they should never be the star of the show. While appliances may be part of kitchen remodelling, an overload of stainless steel will interrupt the visual flow. To correct this, your kitchen designer will use cabinetry covers on appliances to shift the focus to interesting architectural and cabinetry pieces.

Skimping on Cabinets

Cabinets will account for a significant portion of your kitchen remodelling budget. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay for the best cabinetry style and materials possible. Wait a bit and save some more money if you’re unable to afford top-quality cabinets.

Opting for lower-quality cabinets can hurt your pockets in the long run. Within months or a few years, the poor construction, mediocre design and less-than-ideal finish will become obvious.

Forgetting to Build a Hang-Out Spot

Cooking can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but chatting with your friends and family can make it more pleasant. Include a hang-out spot in your kitchen design—whether it be a banquette, a corner nook or an island or peninsula with bar stools or chairs.

Kitchen Remodelling in Coquitlam

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